Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: The Inspiring Journey Revealed

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: The Inspiring Journey Revealed

Changing Her Lifestyle
Getting to this point definitely took work. “Kelly has had a terrible relationship with food and dieting in the past,” explains the insider. “She struggled with bulimia as a teen, starved herself to lose weight when her career began, and overindulged while depressed after her 2020 split from Brandon. She wants to end the roller coaster.”

Her biggest motivators to stay on track? River and Remy, whom she reportedly shares joint custody of with her ex-hubby, 47. “She wants to set a good example, to show them how to be healthy and take care of yourself,” the insider tells Life & Style. “Kelly has never prioritized looks or weight for herself and doesn’t want that to be what her children focus on either.”

The American Idol alum’s streamlined figure has gained attention from the opposite sex, though. “She’s open to dating in the future,” spills the insider, adding that Kelly’s confidence is seemingly at an all-time high post-weight loss. “Her divorce did a number on her, and she is not in a rush to be in a serious relationship again, but Kelly is ready to have some fun.”

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